What is the meaning of a Sunflower?

What is the meaning of a Sunflower? - Sky

The sunflower has many meanings across the world. Different cultures believe it means anything from positivity and strength to admiration and loyalty. Sunflowers are a particularly popular flower in Australia. As the name suggests, flowers have a radiant beauty and energy like the sun. Do you know what this flower represents? Join GS Flowers to find out through this article.

Why is it called Sunflower?

According to research by scientists, sunflowers can recognize light, when there is a light in any direction, the plant will lean towards the direction of the light to grow. That is why the name sunflower.

Not only having a special growth and development habit, but sunflowers also have the same structure as the sun symbol with the yellow colour of the sun and the petals spreading like the sun shining down on the earth.

The origin of Sunflowers

The sunflower is native to North America and was first grown as a crop by indigenous tribes over 4,500 years ago.  Then it was propagated and grown popularly in many countries around the world, including Australia. Sunflower is an herbaceous plant that usually has a life span of less than a year. The leaves are often large, alternate, and the petals are blade-shaped, yellow. Flowers are about 19-27 cm in diameter. Native Americans cultivated the sunflower from its original bushy, multi-headed type to produce a single-stemmed plant bearing a large flower.

Types of sunflowers

Currently, science and technology have developed, sunflowers are bred with many colours, but the original and most popular flower colour is still yellow.

What do Sunflowers represent?

Sunflower is a flower symbolizing loyalty in friendship, but also a symbol of faith and loyalty in love. Once you put your trust in it, you will always be faithful in that direction.

Meaning of Sunflowers

Sunflowers with the feature of always facing the sun are considered a symbol of good things, always rising in life, and carrying many different meanings for each aspect of life. Join GS Flower to find out the meaning of sunflowers right here.

Sunflowers in love

What is the meaning of sunflowers in love? In love, sunflowers symbolize loyalty, steadfastness, and sustainability. Because flowers always face the sun, for example, a girl always looks towards her lover, no matter where she is, she will always wait and be faithful. It is because of this meaning that sunflowers are often chosen to decorate in weddings or used as hand flowers for the bride.

Sunflowers for parents

The meaning of sunflowers when giving to relatives, especially to parents, will express the message of respect, admiration, and desire to be thanked for the birth and upbringing of parents.

What does the opening ceremony of Sunflowers mean?

If you receive a bouquet of sunflowers on the opening day, it is a sign of the giver’s affection for you. At the same time, it is to express congratulations on success, wish all good luck in business. In Chinese culture, sunflowers are said to mean good luck and lasting happiness which is why they are often given at graduations and at the start of a new business.

The meaning of Sunflowers in Feng Shui

In Eastern beliefs, sunflowers are a source of energy, maintaining prosperity and warmth in the family, helping to connect family members together. Because of the yellow colour and symbolizing sunlight, when decorating sunflowers in the house will also bring luck, success, and prosperity.

Although the sunflower is not soft and noble like a rose, not as loving and gentle as an orchid, it is a flower symbolizing rustic beauty, a good-hearted soul, and reaching for the best.


Hopefully, the above article on the meaning of sunflowers can partly help you understand more about the flower that carries many meanings and can choose sunflowers on an important occasion to give to your loved ones. Come to gsflowers.com.au to choose the most beautiful sunflowers bouquet for your loved one.

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