Caring for your flowers

On average, flower arrangements last from 4 days to a week, depending on the type of flowers, different types of flowers require different care instructions. G & S Flowers want you to get the most smiles and enjoyment out of your fresh flowers! Here are some tips on keeping your flowers as fresh and blooming as possible for the longer time.

For bouquets, bunches and cut flowers: 

  • Cut the stems about 2cm on a sharp angle. This increases the volume ratio so your flowers can drink more water.
  • Add the complimentary preservative sachet into a clean vase filled with freshwater and allow a moment for the crystals to dissolve.
  • Strip away any leaves that would be below the waterline of your vase.
  • Place flowers in a vase
  • Top up daily with fresh water.
  • Keep away from draughts, direct sunlight, and heat.
  • Repeat this process every two days so that your flowers can keep drinking water.
  • As your flowers get shorter over time, place them into a shorter vase or container.

For flowers that are arranged in a box, pot, or basket with floral foam:

  • Check the level of water in the foam regularly.
  • Top up the container with fresh water daily.
  • If your flowers are beginning to droop, take them out of the foam, cut the stems substantially at the point where the stems are still green.
  • Place them back into the foam or get creative and re-arrange the whole arrangement or feel free to place your freshly cut stems into a vase for longer life.

Contacting us

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This document was last updated on 12th July 2021.